How do you get prices cheaper than dealers?

With over 100 years in the industry, we have forged strong networks with all car brands Australia-wide. We leverage our networks.

Why are we different?

Buy Your Car Fast is a tailored service. Every enquiry as it is with every client is unique. So unlike our competitors, we don’t rely on a paper pushing or reverse auction process blasted out to every dealer in the country.

BYCF is owned by The Dutton Group, the largest of traders of wholesale vehicles nationally. With this comes deep rooted commercial relationships with all types of dealers all over the country. We leverage on these relationships to procure thousands of cars at incredibly competitive prices. So we know which dealers are extending best offers on new cars down to the detail of models. This way we don’t need to send your request out to every dealer, wasting their time, our time and most importantly waiting longer to revert back to you.

Simply, we speak to them and negotiate on your behalf knowing what the market is doing.
As we form a wider wholesale network, the fact that we can buy your trade in removing the middle dealer, ensures we give you the best price for your car.

Why use and trust us?

Its simple really… we are 100% transparent and we get you the best price. We are clear and direct. We don’t waste your time. We are realistic. We work for you and we get paid for our services only if you decide to go ahead.

Up until the point of revealing the winning dealers as identified in the six steps on the task bar above, its totally free. We even give you the best prices of the winning dealers but won’t reveal the names of the dealership. If you don’t like what you see, then nothing lost. We tried, but you opted not to proceed for whatever reason. That’s cool… and we wish all the best!

If you wanted to move further though, and if you like what you see, then we ask you for 1% of the lowest price indicated as a service fee. This is only fair given our time and costs incurred in acquiring the best deal for you. We then uncover the winning dealer and one of our team members reaches out to you to discuss detail and next steps.

Oh, and the winning dealer gives us a referral fee for bringing them business they would not have otherwise seen.

Fundamentally… you came to us to remove the hassle of doing all of this and knowing you ended up getting the best deal. There is a cost incurred in that. You saved on spending time over weekends and on the phone. Crucially though, you save money, money that’s better in your wallet than that of the Dealer’s… and that is why you use Buy Your Car Fast.

How do we work?

Register with us, tell us a few bits of detail like who you are and what you want and we’ll get in touch with you. During our chat, we do a little more investigating and come back to you in a few days with the best offers.

If you tell us if you would like to proceed and we go through the process with you.

We introduce you to the winning dealer once all the hard work is done. In order to secure the car and the deal, you will need to put down a deposit to the dealer (standard practice). A contract of sale will be sent to you, have a look at it, ask us for anything you may need further clarity on or for anything that you may think that does not look right and we’ll guide you. Sign and send and take delivery. You can opt to even have the car home delivered if you so wish!

Can you get me insurance and finance?

A great reason to use Buy Your Car Fast is not only to get the best deal, but we can provide you with the best insurance cover at discounted rates through our insurance partner… Suncorp. Likewise, Dutton Financial Services can help you get the most competitive finance deals on the market through a variety of different lenders.

Basically, we receive great offers by the major lenders and insurance providers. Through Buy Your Car Fast you can capitalise on the networks that are now embedded in the DNA of The Dutton Group.

How do you buy my trade in?

That’s the easy part. See we are the largest wholesalers in the country. Dealers call us to price your car! So let’s remove that middle person in the equation. Sell your car to our sister company… Sell Your Car Fast.

We pay cash without the hassle. Don’t worry about a Road Worthy Certificate, registration or anything else for that matter. We will give you an evaluation over the phone, and if your car matches when you bring it in to one of our valuation centres, we either pay your car out or pay you direct.

Can you source me a used car?

We are primarily a new car buying service. However, we have a number of dealerships owned by the Dutton Group where we can source vehicles from. So if there is anything that grabs your attention in any one of these sites below, give us a call and lets discuss.

Dutton Garage
Ezy Auto

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what these happy car owners have to say

  • I was after a quick, easy and cost-effective way of buying my Subaru XV. Did not have time to shop around but I did call around and get a price I thought was never going to get beaten. My friend had use Buy Your Car Fast and suggested I gave it a try. In few hours, I got a price that blew my best price under the water. Collected car in 4 days and it was perfect. Unbelievable! Excellent service and advice. Thank you for saving me the stress, time and money. I will be using you again.

    – S Smith

  • Thanks for securing a great price for our new Subaru Outback. Your outstanding service and professionalism exceeded our expectation and help us avoid hassle of negotiating our car dealers. It was a great experience and I would gladly recommended your services to anyone interested in purchasing cars. Thanks again for saving us money and time.

    – R Parthirana

  • Had the best experience with Buy Your Car Fast, I thought I was in for a hard time selling my car, but these guys made it so easy. They had my car independently valued and subsequently sold so quickly I could not believe it. They found me a brand-new Subaru Liberty saving me thousands and had it delivered within a week. Finance? That was easy too, ended up getting the repayments better than my bank quoted, through one of their recommended lenders. Best honest advice and best service, thank you BYCF. Highly recommended!

    – A & C Levonian

  • We were surprised with the “black and white” straight down the line approach these guys took in supplying us with the right fleet of work vans for our lighting business. The price was unquestionably far more competitive than anyone else’s, but more importantly, the prompt replies to questions and overall service throughout and after the process is what makes Buy Your Car Fast stand out above the rest. Since then we have used them again for a smaller fleet purchase of utility vehicles and management cars

    – S Witherton

  • Thanks guys! Wonderful effort in finding one in the colour I wanted and getting the finance through after the many hours of back and forth. Never gave up! Ecstatic with the purchase. Greatly appreciated.

    – F Meyer

  • I recently used the services of Buy Your Car Fast for the purchase of my Mercedes GLC 250 Coupe. The service received was excellent and the price I paid for the vehicle was well below the best price I was able to get. Due to the relationship Buy Your Car Fast has with many dealerships, I was also able to receive this car within 2 months (usually a 6 month waiting list). I would highly recommend using Buy Your Car Fast as I was extremely happy with their service.

    – G Gelsumini

  • Could not believe I got my Sahara through Buy Your Car Fast for much less than what I could buy it for. And, immediate delivery! These guys know cars too. Advice was precise. No time wasting. Sorted out finance with better repayments than the dealer organised. Just use them when you are ready to buy a car. Super!

    – S McIntosh

  • I would just like to thank you for assisting me with the purchase of my brand new Mercedes GLC 250d. I was able to secure the car that I wanted for an incredible price at $9,900 under retail price and jump the queue to have the car months before other customers! Thank you so much Buy Your Car Fast for your professionalism! Very satisfied customer!

    – E Di Tirro

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